Top rom coms to watch this month

Top rom coms to watch this month

Winter is almost here, the sweet scent of pumpkins and pastries are filling our nostrils. Crispy red leaves are blowing up in the air. The temperature is soothing warm and cool breeze will start blowing any time. In this time,what can be better than rom coms(also known as romantic comedy)? Here are some of my favorite list of rom coms.

  • About Time
  • Set It Up
  • Love,Rosie
  • Love,Actually
  • Love Simon
  • My First First Love[Korean series]
  • Crazy Rich Asian


7.8/10 on IMDb   69% on Rotten Tomatoes 55% on Metacritic

Date Published:2013

This is a movie about love,family ,relationships , time travelling, and also,comedy. If you want a movie that is both sophisticated and frivolous, this movie is really great for you.

The main protagonist of this movie is Rachel McAdams ,who is widely known for her role in The Notebook,The Time Traveler’s Wife,Game Night etc and Domhnall Gleeson , who played the character of Bill Weasley in Harry Potter series.


6.5/10 on IMDb  92% on Rotten Tomatoes   62% on Metacritic

Date Published=2018

If you are searching for a more comedy and less romantic and a lightweight movie to cheer you up,this is the perfect movie for you. Zoey Deutch’s incredible acting as an assistant of a lousy boss and Glen Powell’s humor will surely make you laugh.The ending can be predictable,but if you’re more into story than plot twists,well this is just for you.

Love ,Rosie

7.2/10 = IMDb 33% = Rotten Tomatoes 44% = Metacritic

Date Published=2014

This is a sweet (and also tragic) story of love. Two best friend liked each other since their childhood. But their distance started increasing when they got into college. In the meantime,the girl gave birth to a child and could not afford to go to college. The boy started seeing another. Different times,when they had a chance to reunite,fate or consequence pushed them apart.want to know their ending?Well watch the movie. It’s worth it because the cinematography is splendid and the plot is good.Sam Claffin and Lily Collins looked really good together as alex and rosie on the screen,;if you ask me!


7.6/10_IMDb 63%_Rotten Tomatoes 55%_Metacritic

Year Published=2003

A classic and family drama! Most of you have already watched it,but those who haven’t,it’s a movie about love and relationships around us. The main moto of the movie is,:love is everywhere around us.” So the movie is about different types of love,platonic and romantic.It’s a christmas movie,so there is a happy vibe blowing in it.When you need hope,watch it!


7.6/10 on IMDb 92% on Rotten Tomatoes 4.9/5 on Facebook

Year Published=2018

What’s it with love??three one after one movie with the name of it!! But Love Simon is different.Like really different.It’s based on a book that was published on 2015( Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda ).The movie is about homosexual Simon,who has oppressed his feelings for long.Now, before you started judging anything,let ,me say,this movie is curved so beautifully that you would feel like you were in the Simon’s shoe.Before watching this movie,I didn’t have a clear nor a good perception about homosexuals.But this movie has changed me.This is such a raise-awareness kinda movie with really good plot and acting.So,watch it soon!

My First First Love

8.1/10=MyDramaList 7.6/10=IMDb 78%=Soon On Netflix


Why I included a serial among all the movies?Not sure.But this is one of my favourites and it’s such a romcom series which is full of friendship,drama,love and obviously comedy!This is a Korean TV show and you would need subtitles if you don’t know Korean.Don’t expect too much,but it’s really good if you are out for some adventure and fun.

Crazy Rich Asian

6.9/10_IMDb 91%_Rotten Tomatoes 74%_Metacritic

Year Published=2018

As much as I hate the books(sorry but I really hate them),I love the movie!!Full of humor,sparkling rich,slight romance and flamboyant attitude have made this movie really amazing. Who can forget Ken Jeong’s excellent charisma? Constance Wu plays as Rachel,a professor in Economics in NYU. She is a NY native but shares an Asian heritage. On the other hand, ’crazy rich’ Nick(Henry  Golding) attended boarding school in England and originally from Singapore.He leads such simple life that Rachel had no idea about his family until they reached Singapore to attend his friend’s wedding.Nick’s mother is very ‘Asian’ and won’t let him marry a girl who has no ‘social status’.

Full top-to-bottom asian casts,this movie will obviously make our day if you’re feeling down.

I love reading and is a huge fan of fantasy+fairy tale books!Can't get enough watching movies!My identity is Bangladeshi Muslim.I am hufflepuff who loves to slumber all day long and wonders about how intoxicating the universe is.

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