7 things that made once upon a time unforgettable

7 things that made once upon a time unforgettable

Welcome to the land of RESHCAR!(Regina,Emma, Snow, Henry, Charming, August and Rumple!).Fan, don’t be mad cause I didn’t use any names like Belle,Neal, Graham,Hook etc etc.I just needed a word and I indescribably noticed that very few people but have names started with a ‘vowel’.So what could I possibly do than to take 7 people?Also 7 is considered as a lucky number and in OUAT (once upon a time) there is 7 seasons! Bingo!So,what was the matter about?Oh yeah! 7 things that made us to love OUAT more and more and more and more!

1)All Disney characters found their place here

Have you ever thought of a place where Elsa and Rapunzel are relatives?Or where all princess are friends? As for myself,my whole childhood and adolescent period was filled with such fanfics being written in my brain.I knew there was enough fanfics out there to fulfill my crave but i didn’t want to read anything.I wanted to see! And then one day i thought I would made a film where every Disney characters would be shown up.But thanks to OUAT,they relieved me from doing so and also gave me a reunion of Disneys enough of a lifetime.


2) Drama, Action, Love, Family, Motivation all in one place

Not to mention their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious twists throughout the series but the dialogues and screen plots are astoundingly mind blowing! You would hear dialogues like ” No one is perfect” ,”Every one gets their second or even third chances” etc which will inexorably pull you up from your obnoxious depression and teach you how to love your life again with the people you love and with the people you hate


3) Either you stodge it or not watch it at all

This is both exhausting and exciting part of this show.Each episode is packed up with so traction,so mystical events,so mysteries that you can’t just restrain yourself from it.And believe it or not,every season has it’s uniqueness and you can’t say,” Oh! Same things are happening all over again


4) Perfect for all age

This is one show you can watch with your mom(probably). Remember 13 reasons why? Unlike it,OUAT hasn’t been made for teens or YA only.This is filled up with pure humor,pure griefs and pure affinity, which is perfect for all age-from teens to olf grandma.Oh!Did I forget to tell,this series is full of weird relationships,so don’t get CRAZY when you see one can have 9 grandparents or one’s great mother is also his mother!

5)Known stories come into a twist

We start to whinge about it when we see live adaption of old stories but no twist in it.We like to use ‘ Predictable’ ,’ No fun’ words then to describe that particular film.But OUAT is different.Yes, different than your brain can imagine. And if any suspicion or confusion is arrived in your brain, you’ll get the answer in the next episode. Whoa! Just made for me ,right?


6) Magic and Magic!

Uh! When I was craving to see more and more magic, when I was so woebegoned not to get my hogwarts letter yet and when i desperately seeking some fantasies,this series came up and rescued me.If you are a huge fantasist like me and if magic scrawl under your vein,then this show is must- watch for you. Dive in the intoxicating and exhilarating world of OUAT,babe!

“all magic comes with a price”


7) Where villains are heroes and heroes are villains!

This one is the most favorite part of mine.You see all these fairytales where villains are villains for no reason and heroes are always kind even if they know they would have to die for it? Well, that’s absolutely disgusting,if you ask me. No one is pure and no one is born evil. Of course, today’s animation stories  and other films are made upon this very theory. But have you seen someone extremely evil and the next moment you saw something so that you started to feel extremely kinship to that character? If you are a viewer of OUAT,this constant up and down of emotion will be your one regular phenomena,i can guarantee you that. So why not watch it? And discover people’s unraveled characteristics? Your profit from watching it? Well i don’t know what good it’ll bring into you but i can promise you that you won’t ever look at someone and judge him instantly after watching this series 😃

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I love reading and is a huge fan of fantasy+fairy tale books!Can't get enough watching movies!My identity is Bangladeshi Muslim.I am hufflepuff who loves to slumber all day long and wonders about how intoxicating the universe is.

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