10 Harry Potter things you might have overlooked

10 Harry Potter things you might have overlooked

Being a potterhead,I’ve been a part of HP-obsessing-community for a long time.At first,I engulfed all the possible information about the world which contained facts,fan-made guesses,J.K Rowlings interviews and later,her tweets(😁). But then,my brain started to unwrap its potentiality and started its research .Then it continued asking me questions about HP world every now and then.I became intrigued and irritated and obnoxious and all-the-possible-word-meant-angry receiving sudden pop up question flashing flamboyantly on my inner-display during a test,while i tried to shut my eyes at 1:00 am or while I tried to read how hydra regenerates.
So,here are my questions .At last I had the ability to tug them out from my mind and tranquilize my brain :v.So,look at them and,if you know any answers,don’t forget to comment down below!

1) Why there is only one wizard in one name?

Consider muggle world.Here you can find thousands ,if not millions people bearing one name.Go to Instagram and search ‘Jack Smith'(just a random choice) and see how many people are there in this name.And that just Instagram.There are people who don’t use Instagram or any social medias at all.And they MAY share the name ‘Jack Smith’.So,my question is ,why there is only one James Potter or only one Ron Weasley in the HP world?And there is another fact too,only one family bear a certain surname(For example ,there is no weasleys except Ron’s family.)But in real world ,you can find thousands of Ahmeds who aren’t relative but shares the same surname.

2)Wizards don’t use Muggle technology ???

Yes,I know Hogwarts ground is allergic (?) to all kinds of electronic devices.And I know that Ron didn’t know how to use a fellyton (read telephone ) and blah blah blah.But have you ever noticed the surreptetious connection between Muggle World and Wizarding world?Who got the idea of Toilet first?Obviously not Wizards,because muggle could never copy them.Then,why the shape of a camera is similar in both world?Who copied whom?You even see them using spectacles.My question is,can’t they boost their eyesights ?

3)All wizards are Christian?

Hogwarts gives vacation on summer,christmas and easter sunday.But there are many other religions and their particular occasions but we had never seen a vacation on Puja or Eid or never heard of celebrating one in the castle.

4)All Hogwarts teachers are unmarried?

From Dumbledore to Snape,we’ve never seen any evidence of married professors in Hogwarts.Taken the point that they have to stay at the castle all the twelve months of the year (plus-minus the summer holidays )it should be tough for them to maintain a married life and look after their family.

5)Accio-the summoning charm

If there is a golden spell as ‘Accio’ on hand,why thiefs just don’t go around in diagon alley and summon things directly from shops?Or there are anti-spell charm bestowed there?We never knew.And,here is another few things I want to ask.Why Professor Quirrell in Harry’s first year didn’t just summoned the rock instead of asking Harry for it?If Hermione read all day long,why didn’t she know there was a summoning spell so she could apply it in Prisoners of Azkaban when they went back in time and needed to cluster the invisibility cloak?

And,if Dumbledore knew where Harry was,why didn’t he come with full force instead of sending fawkes in Chamber of Secrets? (Sigh)

6) How wizarding world kept itself a secret is a big mystery to unwrap

Every year,a number of muggle students get admitted into hogwarts.And to make them get admitted ,a hogwarts professor goes to their home and makes their parents understand the whole matter about the Wizarding World.The dursleys might have told their relatives that Harry had been admitted into a mental hospital or something ,but i don’t guess Hermione’s parents ever did that.Surely,every year,more and more muggles are getting acknowledged to Hogwarts,and of course ,about Wizarding culture,and in 20 years,half of the population should know about the whole Magic-Wizard thing.But after all these years(200 or more?) Hogwarts still abled to keep its secrecy safely .


7)Hogwarts does discrimination ?

I have never read a part where I would see a blind,or deaf or mute or an one-legged students in hogwarts.Is Hogwarts out-of-limit for disabled people?Or magic can cure even paralysis?Not sure.

8)There aren’t many jobs available for wizards

This what bothers me the most.After you complete your graduation from Hogwarts,either you become a teacher or you can start working for MOM.(There are other minor two or three posts available ;such as you can start working as Doctor-cum-Nurse like madam Pomfrey or study dragons like Charlie Weasley.)But is that all?Why wizards don’t have variations in their jobs?In muggle world,You could be a photographs ,an architect ,an engineer ,a researcher ,a chef,a driver and what not.But as there are facilities like house-elfs-made-dishes and apparition and portkey,their job possibilities are much narrower than us.


From Harry potter books,I’ve made a list of Hogwarts professors.And guess what I’ve found out!The proportional ratio of male and female professors are 16:6 or 8:3. That is certainly not a mark of equality .And given the fact that one of the female teachers came from Ministry and the other lasted for only a couple of weeks(The one who taught about unicorns),the ratio would be 14:4 or 7:2 .Did Dumbledore discriminate while choosing Hogwarts professors or did women wizards don’t prefer the idea of teaching is a question to be raised.

10)How big is Hogwarts?

Well,Hogwarts is made refurbishing a castle ,so it should be big.But how big?We see,hogwarts common room is for all who shares a same house.But if there is even only total 300 students from all year,a tremendous square feet size of room should be needed to make all the students equally comfortable.Or is it magic that enlarge the size of a room?And how one teacher is supposed to teach 7*4=28 groups of students ?Or they use time-turners too?Don’t ask me.

So,that was it!If you enjoyed reading this,please comment to support me!And I’am a hufflepuff,what’s your house?Don’t forget to share!Au revoir!

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