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7 things that made once upon a time unforgettable

Welcome to the land of RESHCAR!(Regina,Emma, Snow, Henry, Charming, August and Rumple!).Fan, don’t be mad cause I didn’t use any names like Belle,Neal, Graham,Hook etc etc.I just needed a word and I indescribably noticed that very few people but have names started with a ‘vowel’.So what could I possibly do than to take 7 people?Also […]

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Top rom coms to watch this month

Winter is almost here, the sweet scent of pumpkins and pastries are filling our nostrils. Crispy red leaves are blowing up in the air. The temperature is soothing warm and cool breeze will start blowing any time. In this time,what can be better than rom coms(also known as romantic comedy)? Here are some of my […]

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