tv shows

7 things that made once upon a time unforgettable

Welcome to the land of RESHCAR!(Regina,Emma, Snow, Henry, Charming, August and Rumple!).Fan, don’t be mad cause I didn’t use any names like Belle,Neal, Graham,Hook etc etc.I just needed a word and I indescribably noticed that very few people but have names started with a ‘vowel’.So what could I possibly do than to take 7 people?Also […]

Harry Potter

10 Harry Potter things you might have overlooked

Being a potterhead,I’ve been a part of HP-obsessing-community for a long time.At first,I engulfed all the possible information about the world which contained facts,fan-made guesses,J.K Rowlings interviews and later,her tweets(😁). But then,my brain started to unwrap its potentiality and started its research .Then it continued asking me questions about HP world every now and then.I […]

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